Municipality of Athens to open heated areas for the homeless ahead of cold spell

The municipality of Athens is opening up a room and a municipal gym to shelter homeless people and vulnerable groups from the imminent bad weather, it was announced on Tuesday.  

The National Weather Service warned that temperatures will drop significantly in the next 24 hours, with sleet and wind expected for most of the country and snow forecast for the mountainous and northern regions.

On Wednesday, the municipality said it will open at 10.00 a heated hall in the district of Kolonos (Lenorman & 35 Alexandrias streets) for the homeless who need a warm place to stay. On Thursday, the closed municipal gymnasium in the district of Rouf (Pireos & 69 Ehelidon streets) will also be available and will remain open for as long as it is required.

Municipal authorities along with volunteering organizations will also start informing homeless people about the availability of these places, while citizens are urged to contact authorities on 1595 in cases of emergency.

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