Imminent deportations of migrants not related to incidents in accommodation centers, says head of Greek police unit

Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians are economic migrants and this is why they will be deported and not because of the violent incidents they were involved in against other migrants, the head of the Greek police Aliens and Border Protection service Zacharoula Tsirigoti told ANA-MPA on Wednesday, clarifying statements she made a day ago on the same issue.

Speaking to ANA-MPA on Tuesday, Tsirigoti had said they will be deported because specific migrants were responsible for the recent violent incidents in the temporary accommodation centers were they were staying and this is why they would be deported.

To resolve any misunderstandings, she made a new statement: “There are refugee and migration flows. The refugee flows include refugees and migrants with a refugee profile. Migration flows consist of economic migrants who are divided into those who can be deported and those who cannot be deported.

Nationals of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia are included in the category of economic migrants who can be deported and therefore police issues decisions of deportation or return [to their countries], after we record the person,” she said.

The participation, then, by nationals of these countries in incidents that took place in a facility of temporary accommodation is in no way connected with their inclusion in the category of deportable economic migrants,” she added.

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