PM Tsipras: Our aim is the banks to return to their development role

"Despite the difficulties, the new recapitalisation of the banks was planned in order to safeguard in the best possible way the interests of the Greek state," stressed Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday addressing the Greek parliament at the "Hour of the Prime Minister," rejecting main opposition New Democracy MP's claims on de-Hellinisation the banks.

He underlined that those who wanted Greek out of the eurozone, out of the Schengen zone are now unhappy adding that the "Cassandras were proven wrong."

Tsipras noted that the banks are completely recapitalised and that from now on they will be able to inspire confidence to the depositors in order to bring their money back to the Greek banks and the real economy. "Our target is the banking system to return to its purely development role for the financing of the businesses and the creation of new job positions."



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