Alternate Migration Policy Min Mouzalas on scenarios over Greece's exit from Schengen zone

The scenario for Greece's exit from the Schengen zone "was initiated by declarations of xenophobic prime ministers," Alternate Minister of Migration Policy Ioannis Mouzalas said in statements to MEGA TV on Monday.  

However, he added, that "this was transferred to Greece as being Europe's aspects."
He noted that the issue was not even raised to the council of Interior Ministers in Brussels, adding that among the issues raised were the protection and reduction of migration flows in relation to terrorism, in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris."
Mouzalas argued that "isolation and national solutions" such as building fences do not help. "It is a European problem", he said.
Regarding FRONTEX, he noted that Greece has asked for 1,600 persons.
Mouzalas was also optimistic over the situation at Idomeni, saying that "it will soon clear out."
"Whoever wants can submit an application for asylum. But they do not want to do so. A lot of them want to go back," he added.

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