Economy minister doesn't rule out tax on banking transactions

Economy, Development and Tourism Minister Giorgos Stathakis didn’t rule out the possibility of imposing a tax on banking transactions as part of the government’s efforts to increase revenues, according to statements made to a Greek private radio station on Tuesday.  

“We try to find revenues for the system that will have a minimal element of justice. The options are limited. Some type of tax on transactions, if it is well-planned, cannot be ruled out,” the minister told Real FM earlier today, adding that a similar tax on large transactions has been imposed in other European countries.

“Before we criticize or applaud, any action must be properly thought out. I repeat: If it is implemented,” he noted.

Commenting on non-performing loans (NPLs), he said that the government will submit a new law before Feb. 15 that will exclude three types of loans from being sold to private funds – mortgage loans on main residence, loans of small and medium-sized businesses and consumer loans.


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