Weather to worsen in Greece from New Year’s Eve

Temperatures are expected to drop during the last two days of the year in Greece, the National Weather Service announced on Sunday, raising hopes some mountainous and northern regions might enjoy some snow.

Greece has experienced an exceptionally mild winter so far, with clear blue skies and temperatures reaching 15 degrees during the day, including Christmas day.

Clouds and rain are expected on Wednesday (Dec. 30) throughout Greece while snow is forecast for the mountainous area in central and northern parts of the country. Winds will reach 7 on the Beaufort scale and temperatures will drop as low as 2 degrees Celcius causing frost in central and northern regions during the night and early in the morning.

On New Year’s Eve, sleet is forecast for many regions of the country. Mountainous arrears as well as in the lowlands of central and northern Greece will see snow with wind velocity reaching 7 on the Beaufort scale. Temperatures will drop to -1 in many regions with frost forming during the night and early in the morning.

Temperatures will drop another degree on New Year’s day with sleet, rain and clouds expected for most of the country. Winds will reach 5 on the Beaufort scale in the west and 7 in the east.

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