Economy Minister reveals the main points of the new sustainable growth programme

The entrepreneurship with the development of the high level of the manpower, the strengthening of the exports and the stable taxation environment are the main points of the new sustainable growth model according to Economy Minister George Stathakis.

The minister in an interview to the Sunday edition of Avghi newspaper announced that the new growth programme will specify the strategy, the framework, the means and the tools through which the country course will turn to a positive figure. The innovation of the new development law, lays in its difference from the former general horizontal level, in two investment categories: The dynamic (farming, technology, medicine) and the already incorporated in NSRF with parallel combination of a number of other tools (subsidies, tax incentives, taxation stability).

The key for the recovery, underlined Stathakis is the investment in the strategy of the high additional value of activities that will make use of the advantage that the country offers with the high percentage of young university graduates that can support the recovery.

On the productive restructuring and the strengthening of the competitiveness he noted that the exports performance will be supported significantly while on the attraction of foreign investments he referred to the offered stability. "An incentive for a 7-year stable tax environment for those who want to invest for a long term will be provided" he said.

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