SYRIZA Central Committee meeting to end with adoption of resolution on Sunday

A two-day meeting of ruling SYRIZA's Central Committee is expected to end later on Sunday with the adoption of a resolution outlining its conclusions on crucial policy issues.

These will include positions on international and European affairs, the political scene in Greece, the refugee crisis and events in the Middle East and the party's role in relation to the government.

Among others, the two-day meeting is discussing the organisation of a political campaign "reflecting the collective desire for a new opening of the party to society."

Addressing the meeting on Saturday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had noted a need for the party to acquire a role of "joint responsibility and organic connection with the government." He clarified, however, that this was not so that it would become a part of the state and "joint manager of corruption and clientelist networks, as the parties of the old political system had done, but to ensure mediation between the government and society."

Tsipras said that SYRIZA had to play a leading role in the formation and change of social relations, as well as having a constant and autonomous presence "on the ground" in neighbourhoods, trade unions, work places and other areas.

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