PM Tsipras: The country will not become a 'warehouse of souls'

The prime minister condemned the phobic climate cultivated by extreme circles in Europe when at the same time Greece tries, with humanism and solidarity, to deal with the issue. He also noted that the EU Interior Ministers Summit gave an answer to those extreme circles.

On the identification centres, he said that the selection of the hotspots was made due the geographical position and not because Europe ordered the location.

The country must be consistent and fulfill the commitments related to its participation in the single Schengen zone, noted Tsipras and made a special reference to the case of Idomeni (where thousands of migrants remain trapped on Fyrom-Greece buffer zone). "We proved that even at the most difficult cases there is a way to launch police operations with peace in comparison with what happens in other countries. Some said that now you will see how the Left beats, but we proved that when good will exists there is peace."

The most important is, said Tsipras, to see how we will confront the problem by the time that some countries decide to close their borders to migrants and refugees, an action that is illegal. There is a danger that the country turns into a warehouse of migrants if the inflows continue. "The country should not and will not become a warehouse," said Tsipras stressing that Greece meets its commitments and the others (countries) should do the same."

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