Deputy Foreign Minister Mardas on Schaeuble's statement

"He is a tough politician and a tough man. Tough policies and tough persons need tough answers. The Greek government responds properly to the positions of Mr Schaeuble," Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Mardas said in an interview with Praktorio 104.9 FM on Wednesday.  

Mardas underlined that the Greek government fully implements its commitments. "Steps have been made over the last nine months on issues that had not been touched in the previous five years, such as early pensions and overspending in the state budget," he noted.
The minister estimated that "2016 may be a recovery year for Greece, provided that certain steps are made, which we have scheduled and are not part of the agreement."
Moreover, he stressed the importance of changing Greece's economic orientation. "Certain things have been scheduled, related to the modernisation of the Greek economy, so that positive expectations that will change the course of the Greek economy are created."
He also referred to the international economic diplomacy. "We focus on the economic policy, within the framework of extroversion aiming to the increase of Greece's exports and in the attraction of funds."

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