Gov't spokeswoman dismisses reports that Greece is on a collision course with Berlin

Government spokeswoman Olga Gerovassili on Wednesday dismissed reports that Greece is on a collision course with Berlin.  

In statements to the public radio she noted that it is not the first time that German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble expressed such positions. "Very often, these positions that are neither in the interest of the country nor the people, have been defeated in the EU," she stressed.
On the IMF, she said that it often expresses neo-liberal views, adding that the outcome of the negotiations cannot be discounted. The IMF will decide in March, she stated, if it will participate in the Greek programme. However, she underlined that Europe should solve its problems by itself despite the fact that some countries would like the IMF's participation.
She also added that although the IMF is in favour of a debt relief, its views are extremely neo-liberal and it often intervenes in non-financial matters.
On the negotiations, she said that Greece has implemented many of those asked from creditors while others have been rejected. "Everything is the result of correlations and the outcome of negotiations and compromises," she underlined.

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