We won't allow actions that violate our national sovereignty, gov't spokeswoman Gerovassili says

"The borders are European but also national," said government spokeswoman Olga Gerovassili speaking on Thursday to private TV SKAI.

"We agree with the upgrading of Frontex's activity and the assistance to our country. But this has limits and the limits is our national sovereignty," said Gerovassili.

Gerovassili referred to the issues Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will set at the European Council Summit in Brussels and clarified that the government will not allow incidents for which Greece has been condemned in the past for violation of human rights.

She also made a special reference to IMF's report noting that it constitutes, for the first time, an official self-criticism that the cutbacks in salaries and pensions failed and insisted that the draft law on social security that will be tabled in parliament will not provide for cuts in pensions.

"Greece in the recession faced with dignity the problem and it dealt with it with huge sacrifices and without financial means" said Gerovassili regarding the management of the refugees inflow adding that Greece is consistent in its obligations within the timetables and taking actions far beyond it powers. She pointed out that there is no similar consistency on the part of EU partners as the relocation of 66,000 refugees to other European countries has been decided and only 100 persons have been relocated yet adding that only 1/10 of those Greece has asked for help from Frontex have been implemented.

Asked on the plan of 'a new Frontex' Gerovassili said that "Greece has asked for support from Frontex and of course we agree with upgrading of Frontex' actions and the help to our country. But this has limits and these limits lay on our national sovereignty and who and with whom's supervision and responsibility will take place this supportive action," she stressed and underlined that "Greece was crystal clear from the beginning and insists that we can't allow actions that intervene or refer to our national sovereignty in terms of the protections of our borders and we will not do it,"

At a question if Greece is ready to veto in case of a formation that will violate the limits the Greek government, the government spokeswoman said that she believes it would not be necessary, but we will see it if needed. However, there is not a sign on the horizon that such a plan will pass."


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