Poros harbour will not be sold, Attica Regional authority chief says

Visiting the picturesque island of Poros in the Saronic Gulf on Friday, Attica Regional Authority head Rena Dourou assured Poros Mayor Yiannis Dimitriadis that the island's harbour will not be sold.

Dimitriades welcomed the decision, noting that there has been strong opposition to the prospect of the harbour's sale among the island's residents.

Dourou, who visited the island in the context of a two-day tour of the region, said that the regional authority and the municipality must now work together closely on the spatial planning of a marina.

She was also briefed on other issues on which the municipality and region must work together for necessary infrastructure, such as repairs to a part of the harbour that has collapsed, sewage treatment facilities, waste management and work to repair damage that occurred during flooding in 2014.

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