PM: Yes to European coast guard, no to Greek-Turkish joint patrols

"We must all understand that our international obligation regarding the Schengen treaty is to effectively contribute to the battle against terrorism which means immediate identification and recording of the migrants that enter into the country, the identification should be held at the time they set foot on the Greek territory," clarified Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras speaking on Friday to the Greek parliament at the "Hour of the Prime Minister."

Greece, he continued, is the last fort of stability of an destabilised region while referring to FRONTEX he said that Greece has asked FRONTEX force to be increased. Unfortunately, he stressed, only 200 staff members have come of the 1,600 that we have requested and underlined that we have no objections to the creation of a European coast guard but he clarified that we have objections to the offical request for Greek-Turkish joint patrols in the Aegean.

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