The government gives a battle for the interests of the many, spokeswoman Gerovassili says

The government is giving a battle in the negotiation aiming first at meeting the interests of the many, concluding the evaluation and proceeding with the discussion on the debt, its spokeswoman Olga Gerovassili said in an interview with STAR TV on Thursday.

"There are issues that concern the future, the lives of many people," she said and added: "We want to proceed with quick, but also right steps. We want to achieve convergence so that the interests of the many are met."

Asked on the thorns of the negotiation, the government spokeswoman noted that these have to do with non-operating loans and the country's power transmission grid operator ADMIE. According to sources, the issue of ADMIE goes well while the issue of bad loans, on which no convergence was achieved on Wednesday, will be discussed again later in the day.


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