The Grexit belongs to the past, German ambassador to Greece Schoof says

There is no issue of a Grexit, German ambassador to Greece Peter Schoof said on Tuesday while stressing the importance of supporting Greece on the refugee issue in order to protect the Schengen zone.  

Schoof was speaking at an event organised by the "Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe."
"The issue of Grexit belongs to the past. Neither the German Chancellor not the German Finance Minister wanted that," Schoof stated and added: "We faced a situation that was not intentional. But the monetary union itself as it has been established based on the Maastricht treaty, presents significant deficiencies."
Schoof cleared out that the single currency was not a mistake. "Within the framework of the geopolitics, it was a correct idea. But these deficiencies are now obvious and we did not work sufficiently in order to correct them."
Referring to the refugee issue, he stressed that "if the EU borders cannot bear any more pressure, the Schengen treaty will somehow come to naught."
The German ambassador also noted that there is no conflict between Germany and Greece on the refugee issue and underlined that Greece should not be left alone.
According to Germany, he said, the solution lies within the combating of traffickers, the fair distribution of refugees in EU member states and the change of Eastern Europe's attitude towards the refugees' issue.

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